Mother and family of Flora girls call for action in arson case

Flora fire victims. (WTHR Staff)
Flora Fire ISP Update
Flora fire family wants answers

FLORA, Ind. (WTHR) — The mother of four girls killed in a fire in Flora two years ago told 13 Investigates her girls' case deserves more attention.

Gaylin Rose and her family are speaking out to 13 Investigates about what they call a disparity in efforts by the Indiana State Police.

For two and a half years, the family said they have been left in the dark.

Thousands of miles away from Flora, and the home where her four little girls died, Gaylin Rose is breaking a long silence.

"I don't want my babies to get lost. I want my babies to get justice. I miss my girls a lot. It just is a little hard for me, but I try to stay strong," said Gaylin by phone. "I feel like I've been left in the dark."

Gaylin is talking about her girls and what her family sees as a disparity in the effort to get answers about the murders of two Delphi girls and the fire November 21, 2016 that killed her four girls.

Flora fire scene. (WTHR Staff)

Investigators said the fire was arson. But two and a half years later, there's no arrest or indication of who set the fire.

"There were four babies that nobody's going after to find out what happened," said Leslie Anderson, Gaylin's aunt.

Anderson came to Indiana to visit Monday. She lives in California where Gaylin and her father also now reside.

"Nobody cares, not in Carroll County, not in the state of Indiana. I'm appalled that the State of Indiana hasn't done more," said Anderson.

They are harsh words from a family who claim State Police investigators are less responsive to the plight of their girls than the murders of the Delphi girls.

Anderson said she saw the Delphi case on national news just weeks ago after State Police put out a new sketch. It wasn't the first time. Ten months after the Delphi case, the State Police Superintendent was on national television talking about Abby and Libby on the NBC daytime show, Dr. Phil.

The widespread attention brought in more than 26,000 tips.

But what about Keyana, Keyara, Kerriele, and Kionnie?

Gaylin's father told 13 Investigates there are no updates privately or publicly.

According to the family State Police simply showed up on the two year anniversary of the fire.

"It's a hard pill to swallow. You've got four dead girls," said Tracie Rose, Gaylin's father. "You've got four babies. How would another family feel?"

Citing the drastic sketch changes in the Delphi case, Gaylin said she worried about the fire investigation too.

"Are they even looking in the right direction? How can you mistaken somebody for two years," Gaylin said referring to the Delphi sketches. "I kind of question are they doing their job right?"

"These four little African American girls are just a tragedy that happened. And then it'll go away and that will be the end of that," Anderson said explaining how she perceives investigators have approached the Flora investigation. "We're not going to go away," she continued holding back tears.

Flora fire victims. (Provided by family)

It's a message Gaylin also echos from thousands of miles away.

"We're still going to fight the fight no matter what. I just want more answers. I want my babies in the spotlight. I want my babies out there. I want everyone to know we're fighting to try to figure out what happened," said Gaylin.

Leslie Anderson and other family members met with Indiana State Police Investigators on Tuesday.

Anderson told 13 Investigates she was pleased with the outcome and the promise to have more follow up conversations as the investigation wears on.

13 Investigates also reached out to Indiana State Police for reaction and to see what if any additional steps will be taken to help prompt more tips in this case.

Late Tuesday an ISP spokesman, Lt. Dave Bursten, told 13 Investigates: "We are frustrated as well. What happened to these four little girls goes way beyond heartbreaking and our desire is to solve this case. There are people who know what happened, all we need is for them to be brave enough to come forward with the information we need to move this case forward."

Anderson also told 13 Investigates she hopes that anyone who has information will "do the right thing" and come forward.

If you have information, you can call the state's arson hotline at 1-800-382-4628.

The state is offering a $6,000 reward, while members of the Flora Community said they have raised almost an additional $20,000 in hopes of getting answers.

If you would like to donate to the reward fund you can do so at this address:

Flora Community Club
c/o Flora's 4 Angels Account
Farmers Bank and Trust
PO Box 42, 709 East Columbia Street
Flora, IN 46929