More than 50 cases of mumps reported at Temple University


PHILADELPHIA (WTHR) — A week after a mumps outbreak on the IU-Bloomington campus, another campus is now dealing with the same thing.

Officials at Temple University in Philadelphia believe 54 people have come down with the contagious illness.

Now, students are being very cautious about coming in contact with someone who is sick.

Student Jewel Thomas said she's scared going to classes and has started carrying hand sanitizer around.

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The outbreak is prompting the school to change its immunization policy for incoming students by requiring them to have two doses of the MMR vaccine before starting school.

But health officials say the vaccine's effectiveness can wane over time which could be playing a part in the outbreak.

In Indiana, there were three confirmed cases of the mumps at IU.

All of the students live off-campus and were diagnosed before leaving for spring break last week.

They all received the required vaccine.