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Major credit bureau says some customers got incorrect scores

The glitch means some potential borrowers might have been wrongly denied credit.

INDIANAPOLIS — A major credit bureau admits it accidentally gave out incorrect credit scores for some customers.

It means a potential borrower might have been wrongly denied credit.

Equifax said the glitch happened because of a problem with their coding between March 17 and April 6.

The issue was fixed on April 6.

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Equifax said their data shows less than 300,000 people saw a score shift of 25-plus points. 

Beyond that, a small number of people may have received a different credit decision because of the error. 

Remember, bureaus make money tracking and giving out our spending and debt information, and that information impacts how much it will cost us to borrow money. 

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Equifax said credit reports were not changed and that they're working with customers to figure out the impact.

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