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How to find free legal aid, court assistance in Marion County

The Indianapolis-Marion County Community Justice Center offers free resources to anyone who needs it.

INDIANAPOLIS — If you are representing yourself in court, the paperwork can be confusing.

That's why the Indianapolis-Marion County Community Justice Center offers free resources to anyone who needs it.

Who's using the Legal Resource Center?

A chance to hang out with his kids more often. 

That's what Matthew Mohr is asking the court to give him.

"Being a father to two children who love spending time with me, it's just a blessing," Mohr said. 

What's not a blessing is the paperwork that goes along with asking for those changes.

"I don't have resources to hire a lawyer for myself," Mohr said. 

Initially, he started with an internet search, but that led him to filing the wrong documents. That's when someone at the Marion County Community Justice Center pointed him to the free Legal Resource Center on the fourth floor.

"The resource center's been invaluable," Mohr said. 

Marion County Superior Court Presiding Judge Amy Jones said this is where people can start their process, whatever it may be.

"What are you looking to do, do you need a protective order? Do you need an expungement? Are you looking to get a guardianship over an individual? " Jones said. 

Jones said if the assistance needed goes beyond the scope of their court navigators, that lawyers come in once a week to answer questions for free.

"Members of the bar can come in here and volunteer their time," Jones said, "and help provide some additional direction, because our navigators can't give any legal advice."

Direction that Mohr appreciates so that he can spend more time with his family.

"Trying to do the best I can to be a great dad to them," Mohr said. 

When can I get assistance?

The Legal Resource Center is in the Community Justice Center at 675 Justice Way on the east side of Indianapolis. 

Court navigators are available Monday through Friday. Volunteer attorneys are available on Thursdays from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. 

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