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Hot toys under $50 this holiday season

Kids toys are always changing, but some of the big hits are back this year.

INDIANAPOLIS — Kids toys are always changing, but this year, some of the big hits are back.

Squishmallows are a fan-favorite, and their pricing is based on the plush size.

The 11-inch size will run around $12, and Squishmallows are popular with many age groups.

Magic Mixies Mixlings are also collectibles coming in kits.

Depending on the size, prices can range from $15 to $75. 

Kids like this because there's a surprise element. 

Each mixling features a special trick, like emerging wings. 

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For kids who like arts and crafts, the 3Doodler is popular.

It's a handheld 3D printer that operates like a hot glue gun. The device is charged with a USB cord. 

Add color stick, draw and the drawing solidifies. Stencils that can help create jewelry or keychains are sold separately. The price is $50. 

Krisitin McGrath, with BlackFriday.com, said planning for this list starts early. 

"We look at the toy lists that the retailers put out, so every year in late summer, early fall," McGrath said. "Retailers start putting out their toy books, Amazon, Kohl's, Target, Walmart, all of them come up with their top toy lists. And so that shows us early what's going to be hot this year and what kids want."

Their other top picks include: 

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