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December prices declined. Here's why you won't notice

When you compare December 2021 to December 2022, all items are up 6.5%.

INDIANAPOLIS — From November to December, prices are down 0.1% on all items.

The driving force behind the drop? Gas.

However, you probably won't notice the decline because key areas, such as groceries, increased.

Yearly comparison

When you compare December 2021 to December 2022, all items are up 6.5%.

Groceries, specifically, are up 11.8%. If your weekly bill was $150 a year ago, it is now likely closer to $168.

Year over year, gas prices dipped 1.5%.

Energy utilities, including electricity and piped gas, are up 15.6% annually. If your utilities were a combined $300 a month, it looked more like $350 in December 2022.

Greg McBride, with Bankrate, said inflation is being more stubborn than expected.

"Things are moving in the right direction. But we're early in the journey, there's still a long ways to go in getting inflation down to the 2% goal or anything close to it," McBride said.

Shelter is also up 7.5%.

Saving money 

To try and save money on groceries, shop for sales and use coupons.

In addition to store and manufacturer coupons, you can also save with cashback or reward apps. Two popular apps include Ibotta and Fetch.

As for utilities, look at your home energy reports.

AES, for example, will send them out ahead of the bill to try and show you how the electricity is being used.

If you are struggling to pay winter bills, resources can be found here.

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