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Consumer Catch-up: Gas prices expected to continue to rise this summer

AAA says the average price in Indiana is currently $3.11

INDIANAPOLIS — Here's today's Consumer Catch-up:

Baggage fee refunds

The Transportation Department is working on a plan to get airline fees refunded faster.

The proposal - which is still a draft - aims to change two things. First, if your baggage doesn't show up within 12 hours of touching down, you get your money back.

It would also require prompt refunds for fees on extras if the airline can't provide them.

The changes could take effect by next summer.

Pinterest bans weight loss advertisements

Pinterest has banned all weight-loss ads from its platform.

The company said the new policy "embraces body acceptance."

Pinterest noted the policy had already existed but that the new effort goes even further, stopping weight loss testimonials and references to body mass index.

Pump prices expected to rise further

Gas prices are expected to keep going up this summer.

The national average for gas this holiday weekend will be the highest for the 4th of July in seven years.

AAA says the average price in Indiana is currently $3.11.

Find your beverage with QR code

Custom drinks not on the Starbucks menu are taking off, thanks to TikTok. So Starbucks is working to make it easier for people to order them.

Insider reports that the company has just launched a test run of a tool where customers can order a drink they see on social media.

On certain social media platforms, users can select the drink they want, which will then lead to a scannable QR code that can be accessed by Starbucks employees.

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