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Buying excess inventory can put cash back in your pocket

Buying excess inventory that retailers do not want to take back can save you money and keep items out of the landfill.

INDIANAPOLIS — Keeping items out of the landfill is important.

And between lenient return policies and picture-perfect expectations, there is a lot of stuff leftover.

That's where liquidators step in.

They buy excess inventory, or bumped or bruised items that retailers do not want to take back. And buying from liquidators can keep cash in your pocket

What liquidators sell

A porch swing without a cushion and a couch with a little dirt: That is the kind of stuff that can save you hundreds of dollars on furniture.

Joe Barton owns Barton's Discounts on Hillside in Indianapolis and said he buys inventory from major online retailers, including Amazon.

"Typically, whatever the online selling price is, it's going to be 30% to 70% and sometimes even more off of retail," Barton said.

Often, Barton said there is nothing wrong with the item at all.

"You would not believe how many of these orders come in and all it says is wrong address. Wrong address! It just went to the wrong address, so now it needs to be liquidated out," Barton said.

Not only will you find furniture at liquidators, but bikes, toys, baby supplies and clothing.

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"Some of it is seasonal, it's just out of season," Barton said.

Almost a decade ago, he bought liquidated pallets from a warehouse and flipped them at a yard sale. He did so well that he turned it into a business.

"We thought there's something here. So we looked into reverse logistics and the liquidation industry. And come to find out, there's a lot of improvements that could be made," Barton said.

Other liquidators

Barton isn't the only person with this idea.

Drive 10 minutes down the road, and you'll find Bulldog Liquidator on North Meridian Street.

They also sell everything from dressers to diapers.

There are more stores like these in the Indianapolis area.

To find them, plug the word "liquidator" into a search engine.

Can I return things?

Each store or warehouse will have its own rules.

For example, at Barton's Discount, furniture is final sale. However, appliances, come with a one week to 30-day return window, depending on the item.

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