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Queen of Free: Strategies for smart generosity

Cherie Lowe said you can still make an impact when you are short on cash to donate.

INDIANAPOLIS — We often find ourselves stretched for both time and cash, and that makes it harder to give back, even though we want to be a generous person who is willing to help out.

Cherie Lowe, the Queen of Free, shared her strategy for giving with the greatest impact Sunday on 13Sunrise.

First, before you commit valuable time or hard-earned money to a charity or cause, check to see if another entity provides the same type of support and try to partner with them to amplify your intended support. Organize a team that can have a greater impact, whether that is a calendar for prepping dinners for a family in need or a checklist of items for an charitable organization.

Also, assess the true need so you don't squander your limited resources where they would be wasted. Your intended gift will do no good if it does not meet the actual need. 

Avoid donating junk. An old, used or broken item taking up space in your closet will not likely help anybody else. Charities will have to spend time sorting and tossing your castoffs, so save them the effort up front. Give your best.

In her blog, Cherie lists social tools like Sign Up Genius, Meal Train and using an Amazon Wishlist to help you manage your giving. Use your phone to set reminders so you don't miss your opportunity to give when it will have the greatest impact.

You can be generous without being a billionaire.

Watch Cherie's full segment with Jalea Brooks on from 13Sunrise in the video player.

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