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Queen of Free: Money-saving dorm room hacks

Setting up a dorm room can be pricey if you don't monitor the process.

INDIANAPOLIS — College students will get to move back into their dorm rooms soon, and freshmen will begin living on their own. 

Setting up a dorm room can be pricey if you don't monitor the process.

Cherie Lowe, the Queen of Free, shared her dorm money saving hacks to help new college parents through the process.

Sunday on 13Sunrise, Cherie laid out the steps with Jalea Brooks.

Communicate and share with your roommate(s)

Team coordination is key. There is no need to bring two of everything when roommates can share a TV, microwave and refrigerator. Start contacting your roommate now so you split the assets before you both buy duplicate items and bring too much to campus. 

Work the networks

Families tend to accumulate futons or unneeded bookshelves when students graduate, and they will want to unload them for little or no cost. Post on Facebook or Nextdoor, or send a text to a family with older students before you buy anything new.

Educational discounts

College students get deals for everywhere from restaurants to the Apple Store. Use them to your advantage for buying dorm gear and discounts on laptops and technology. Cherie lists links in her blog.

You can often find a dorm room's dimensions and rules for loft beds, drilling into walls and dorm storage on the university's website. If you can't find it listed, wait to buy shelving until you can measure your walls for the right fit. 

Hit the local Target or Amazon to fill in the gaps after most of the move is complete instead. But you can find coupons on common items like pillows, towels, chairs and desk organizers now.

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