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Queen of Free: Father's Day gift ideas

You can rock your 2022 Father’s Day with just the right gift to help dad feel special but also proud of you for not going overboard.

INDIANAPOLIS — Once a year, we pay tribute to the significant role dads have played in our lives. But finding the right gift for those tributes can be a tough task.

Cherie Lowe, the Queen of Free, joined Gina Glaros on 13Sunrise to share some simple and creative ideas to help you rock your 2022 Father’s Day with just the right gift to help dad feel special but also proud of you for not going overboard.

Keep in mind that most dads don’t care about the gift bag or wrapping paper. Think about presenting your gift inside something else he can use, like a toolbox, oil pan, tackle box or a backpack.

Dad's heart is near his stomach

Every dad has a favorite meal or snack, so consider hitting the grocery aisle. But if you're going the snack route, try to purchase items with a long shelf life or that can freeze to ensure they won’t spoil or make dad eat them all at once.

Clean up

You may choose to clean out dad’s car. Use a vacuum and have the kids help wipe down surfaces and get the trash from under the seats. Then head to the car wash to finish the job. Cherie's favorite deals are at Brad’s Car Wash on the south side, but you can find gift card deals at Crew Carwash. You’ll also find deals at Kopetsky, Prime Car Wash, and more. Look for rewards programs so dad can build points toward a free wash in the future.

If not the car, the garage, barn, backyard, a closet or cabinet could also use some attention. Spend some time scrubbing down and organizing a space for dad. Just ask dad first for his preferences.

Gift cards

Father’s Day marks the end of many gift card deals that popular restaurants offer during the Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/graduation season. Be sure if you’re going to take advantage of these deals that you get out there and make your purchases before the end of the week. Cherie likes to buy gift cards under face value at Sam’s Club or Costco throughout the year. She has links to some restaurant deals in her blog.


Does your dad already have all the "stuff" he needs? You might consider a digital subscription this year.

SiriusXM is offering a $5/month for 12 months deal right now that includes a free upgrade to the Platinum Plan and a free Echo Dot. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Peacock, or CBS All Access might be a great fit with costs starting at as little as $4.99 per month. 

You might also consider a workout subscription or a magazine subscription that matches your dad’s passion.

Share a project

If your dad likes being handy, you might consider a few tools this year and building something together. 

Cherie found some gifts on Amazon that dads might find useful:

Play with dad

Whether it’s a Mario Kart tournament, a round of golf or a game of h-o-r-s-e at the driveway basketball hoop, just spend some quality time doing something he loves. Check with local golf courses for Father’s Day specials. 

"No matter how you choose to honor your dad, you don’t have to spend a ton of money," Cherie said. 

A letter or phone call to say how much you care costs nothing but time probably means more than the most extravagant gift.

Watch Cherie's 13Sunrise segment in the video player.


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