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Inflation hitting Hoosier budgets hard

They estimate the total average natural gas bill between November and March will be about $555 compared to $465 last winter.

INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosiers are having to adjust how they spend and save money.

"I have to budget for spending more on regular gasoline and now I have to budget more on heating my home," said Diane Moore of Indianapolis.

Moore says she just learned her Citizens Energy bill would increase about $18 a month this winter.

"That's considerable. I'm probably going to have to take something else out of the budget, so I enjoy having an occasional restaurant meal and I'm thinking I'm probably not going to be doing that as much because I do need to have the funds to pay for the heat first," said Moore.

The cost of food is also rising. 

"I used to get these frozen turkey burgers and they were like $7.99 for like 8 or 6, and now they're like $11.99 and that's a pretty big jump for some frozen turkey burgers. You see it everywhere. If you shop and do any shopping on your own and you handle all this stuff yourself, you definitely notice the increase in prices across the board. So this Citizens Energy, this gas bill is just one more thing to add to all the things that are already going up," said Moore.

Moore showed us her latest gas bill averaging about $85 a month. The highest she says, has been about $110 a month in the winter.

Citizens Energy says the increase is due to the war in Ukraine and global demand.

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They estimate the total average natural gas bill between November and March will be about $555 compared to $465 last winter.

Not only will Hoosiers have to pay more to heat their homes, but inflation has caused many to pay more for things at the grocery store and at the gas pump. Many ask when they will see relief.

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For Moore, who works from home, says she's had to rethink how she spends her money.

"I definitely will have to make changes, cut things out that maybe I enjoy for the things that are important for you to live. So it'll definitely have an effect on my lifestyle and my life but that's what you have to do when the economy decides to do what it does," said Moore.

An economy that has many concerned that inflation is happening too fast and could soon lead to a recession.

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