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Queen of Free helps you stock up on summer essentials

Stocking up for summer now allows you more time to have fun instead of spending that time shopping.

INDIANAPOLIS — Sometimes, the change of seasons can catch us off guard. 

Kids outgrow clothes and some seasonal products can go bad after a year sitting on the shelf.

The Queen of Free, Cherie Lowe, shared some advice to help you get ready for summer Sunday morning on 13Sunrise.

First, you might need to invest in a new swimsuit. While you can likely find something "suitable" online, think about warehouse retailers, too. And if you go to a more traditional brick-and-mortar store, first shop through a cashback site like Rakuten, look for coupons and be sure to log rewards points so you save some money.


What that suit does not cover will need sunscreen. Big box stores generally offer good prices, but their generic store brands provide better value. Again, don't forget to look for digital coupons through store apps. For pricier name brands, ULTA offered a great deal last summer. Cherie said to check their deals for a buy-one-get-another at 40 percent off deal. 

In her blog, Cherie swears by Jewelweed Soap and Salve as a lifesaver to treat the summer scourge of poison ivy.

Summer snacks

Since you have to eat on summer outings and trips, quick and healthy snacks in a bag or a cooler will cut down on hitting the drive-thru during your summer adventures. Pre-package as much as you can on your own. Spending a few extra pennies on items like granola bars still costs much less than a restaurant meal. 

Watch Cherie share more essential summer ideas with 13News' Jalea Brooks in the video player.

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