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Price Tracking: How to gauge Amazon Prime Day, Deal Days sales

What used to be only Amazon Prime Day is now an industry-wide savings event.

INDIANAPOLIS — Big sales are happening now. What used to be only Amazon Prime Day is now an industry-wide savings event. And more competition typically results in better prices for consumers.

The sales

The Bigger Deal Savings Event

When: Now through Tuesday, June 22

Where: In-store and online at Best Buy

Deal Days

When: Sunday, June 20 through  Tuesday, June 22

Where: Online only at Target

Early bird special: 5% off gift cards up to $500 until Saturday, June 19. Buyers must be signed up for savings in the free Target Circle program.

Deals for Days

When: Sunday, June 20 through Wednesday, June 23

Where: In-store and online at Walmart

Prime Day, Amazon Prime Members Only

When: Monday, June through Tuesday, June 22

Where: Amazon.com, Whole Foods 

How to shop the sales

Before you sit down at the computer or head out to shop, make sure to make a list like you would for holiday shopping.

"That way you go in prepared, and you know what you're looking for," said Kimberly Palmer with NerdWallet. "Some items are going to sell out very quickly, especially if there's a popular item, and it's deeply discounted. We see those run out."

A list will also help to avoid impulse buys.

Is this a good price?

Before spending money, look up the item's price history with browser extensions.

Palmer finds two extensions useful: Honey and Camelizer.

After downloading Honey, we decided to test it out. I went to Walmart.com and found Apple Air Pod Pros marked down from $214 to $197. We clicked the Honey extension and learned that around Memorial Day 2021, the Air Pod Pros were $169. So the Air Pods, unless the prices changes, might be something to wait on.

As for Prime Day prices, most of those aren't public yet.

"We expect to see some of the biggest discounts on Amazon branded items. So that's things like Kindles, Echoes. If you're in the market for a new Ring security device, we'll see huge discounts on there," Palmer said.

To gauge Amazon Prices, Palmer suggests the extension Camelizer. Camelizer gives an all-time price history.

This time, we looked up a Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Because the sale has not started, it's full price at $169.99.

I clicked the Camelizer browser icon and it showed me that the lowest price ever was $130. So, if on Monday or Tuesday the price is around $130,  it's probably a good deal.

Zappos and Whole Foods are also Amazon companies, so look for deals there too.

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