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Higher gas, food costs taking bite out of Indianapolis food trucks' profits

Right now, the average gas price in Indiana is still above $5 a gallon, and food prices have jumped 10%.

INDIANAPOLIS — Everyone is feeling the pinch right now when it comes to buying gas and food. It’s leaving many small businesses on edge with no relief in sight and that’s especially true for local food trucks. 

“It’s been one thing after another since COVID,” said Bridget Moyer, manager at Greiner’s SubShop

Moyer and her family are used to juggling multiple businesses. They own a sandwich shop just south of downtown and also run eight different food trucks. 

Moyer’s mom, Lisa, launched the first one 13 years ago. She also is the co-owner of Indie Food Trucks.

“There are slushies and a sweets truck called Scout’s and our Der Pretzel Wagen,” Moyer said.  

Credit: WTHR

But just like many other small businesses, the rising inflation is taking a bite out of their profit.  

“We have to split those costs with our customers, which is difficult, to say the least, because we like to keep our costs as low as possible for them,” Moyer said.  

Right now, the average gas price in Indiana is still above $5 a gallon and food prices have jumped 10%.

It’s a one-two punch for food truck operators.  

“In terms of supplies and stuff, it’s really been our food trucks that kind of ebb and flow and have been hit the most,” Moyer said.  

Credit: WTHR

Not only do they need gas for the trucks, but also for the generators that run them paying double what they did last year.  

“You have a huge food truck that you’re supplying to typically hundreds of people. The generators have to run for a while, so they are consuming a lot of gas,” Moyer said.  

In order to keep the businesses running, the Moyer family had no choice but to increase menu prices and add a fuel surcharge for events.   

“We are now at the place where that is going to be something that we have to do on every single event because it is really costly to get out there now. It’s not the same as it was last year, unfortunately,” Moyer said.  

In the meantime, the Moyer’s continues to navigate through the uncertainty and are thankful for the many loyal customers.  

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