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Get some of the best ice cream in Indiana from one of Yelp's top 10 ice cream shops

July 19th is National Ice Cream Day and our partners at Yelp Indy have a list of the best places you can celebrate at.
Credit: Yelp
Check out some of these cool treats in central Indiana ice cream shops!

INDIANAPOLIS — July is National Ice Cream Month and July 19th is National Ice Cream Day.

Plus, it's one of the hottest months in Indiana so there are plenty of good excuses to treat yourself to a scoop of your favorite ice cream.

Our partners at Yelp created this list of the best ice cream shops in central Indiana. 

This list is based on all-time rankings of the best ice cream spots in Greater Indianapolis (Boone, Hamilton, Marion, Hendricks, Morgan, Johnson, Shelby, Hancock, and Madison counties) according to Yelp.

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All the businesses on this list are in the Ice Cream category on Yelp and are not part of a national chain. "Best" is measured using an algorithm that looks at the number of reviews and star rating for a business using information as of July 2020.

Teejay’s Sweet Tooth

Credit: Yelp
Photo by business on Yelp.

COVID update: Pull right up to their drive-in window!

Yelp’s menu pick: “The best item on their menu is the warm, soft, donut ice cream sandwich, which isn't sold anywhere else in Indy… If it's your first time going, ask for graham central ice cream. It's freakin delicious.” - Yelper Madiyeh B.

Sundae’s Ice Cream & Coffee

Credit: Yelp
Photo by Yelp Elite Allison F.

COVID update: You can order takeout or delivery on their Yelp page or walk in to order  in-person.

Yelp’s menu pick: “The key lime pie flavor is unlike anything I have ever had and I had to stop myself from eating an entire pint… by myself (not ashamed). They keep a good amount of flavors year-round and rotate some as the seasons change, but the quality is always top-notch.” - Yelp Elite Adrian A.

Chris’s Ice Cream

Credit: Yelp
Photo by Yelp Elite Quan N.

COVID update: Walk in to order takeout only. 

Yelp’s menu pick: “The owner suggested I try a few ice cream flavors since this was my first visit. I tasted the cookie dough and white Russian flavors… the white Russian was UNREAL. I did not intend to eat any ice cream and only tasted them to know what to get the next time, but I immediately asked for a small scoop.” - Yelp Elite Lauren H.


Credit: Yelp
Photo by business owner on Yelp

COVID update: Open for delivery, takeout, or curbside pick up. You can also find them at the Garfield Park or Broad Ripple Farmers Markets.

Yelp’s menu pick: “I think of my life in two different segments: the time before I tried Lick, and after their amazing creations were brought into my life. I never thought I would like gorgonzola more in ice cream than I did on salads or savory dishes, but I'm here today to tell that tale.” - Yelp Elite Lisa D.

Ohana Donuts & Ice Cream

Credit: Yelp
Photo by business owner on Yelp

COVID update: Walk in to order takeout or fill out their order form online for curbside pickup. 

Yelp’s menu pick: “I went all-out for my treat today and got the donut sundae. On this, you get a donut with ice cream, along with a sundae topping like hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. My favorite combo in this world is peanut butter and chocolate… chocolate frosting, peanut butter drizzle, chocolate peanut butter brownie ice cream, covered with hot fudge.” - Yelp Elite Nikki G.

Danny’s Mexican Ice Cream

Credit: Yelp
Photo by Yelp Elite Niki B.

COVID update: You can order takeout or delivery on their Yelp page, walk in to order takeout, or call ahead for curbside service.

Yelp’s menu pick: “I love everything about this little ice cream shop in Avon. They have something for everyone. From your traditional flavors to very unique flavors such as queso, corn, and even tequila ice cream!” - Yelp Elite Hady R.


Credit: Yelp
Photo by Yelper Katy R.

COVID update: Order at their walk-up window! The lines are socially distanced.

Yelp’s menu pick: “I've never had ice cream packed with such massive chunks of toppings as their chocolate choo choo…  There were pieces of chocolate the size of tootsie rolls…. Their coconut almond fudge (even has) coconut flakes and almond slices you could actually see. They deliver on their flavors!” - Yelp Elite Emma J.

Wyliepalooza Ice Cream Emporium

Credit: Yelp
Photo by Yelp Elite Madhavi B.

COVID update: Order in person for either takeout or limited indoor seating.

Yelp’s menu pick: “When I walked in and saw things like "soy" and "cheesecake," I was pretty much in heaven. I went for what they said was one of the most popular flavors... a super dark chocolate that was amazing. I wanted to buy the tub and just stick my head in there...” - Yelp Elite Jon C.

Pearings Cafe + Frozen Yogurt 

Credit: Yelp
Photo by Yelp Elite Aileen C.

COVID update: Open for in-person ordering and takeout only.

Yelp’s menu pick: “Favorite fro-yo ice cream place yet! I'm a sucker for fancy flavors and fresh tastes, and this place nails it... I've tried the key lime pie, the strawberry key lime pie, the vanilla, and the sea salt caramel and pretzel!” - Yelp Elite Christy M.

Gordon’s Milkshake Bar

Credit: Yelp
Photo by Yelp Elite Christine W.

COVID update: Walk in to order takeout only.

Yelp’s menu pick: “I got the cookie monster milkshake, which consists of blue raspberry ice cream and TONS of Oreos and cookie dough blended in. I can't wait to come back and try the birthday cake milkshake that has a piece of cake BLENDED IN as well as a small piece of birthday cake ON TOP… I mean, what?!” - Yelp Elite Kristin P.

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