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New gun store opens on Indy's east side Mother's Day weekend

After years of planning, the owner of a new gun store is gearing up for the grand opening.

INDIANAPOLIS — The owner of a new gun store opening soon in east Indianapolis expects to see people lining up outside the door early. 

After years of planning, the grand opening for Vaden's Firearms and Ammunition is Mother's Day weekend.

The new business venture means that Ryan Vaden is on the brink of a dream come true. He's still adding more inventory to his store.

"It's a phenomenal dream come true. It's definitely one of the dreams I have poured my heart and soul," said Ryan Vaden.

The grand opening for Vaden's Firearms and Ammunition is Saturday at Linwood Avenue and East 10th Street starting at 9:00 am.

Ryan expects hundreds of shoppers, so masks and social distancing will be enforced for both employees and customers. There will also be store security personnel on hand. 

"Fifteen customers will be able to come in at a time, will be able to make any type of firearm purchase, handguns, shotguns, A-R platforms, and ammunition," Vaden said.

Gun buyers will have to pass background checks.

"It can go good or bad when it comes to guns," said Vaden, "My heart is with the family and any family with the loss of a loved one in a firearm being at work, at home."

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The 39-year-old also plans to help educate people about gun safety, something police consider critical, especially for people with children at home. 

Commander Richard Riddle oversees the operations in the East District for The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. During the many years of his police career, he has had the heartbreaking task of responding to emergencies where children have accidentally shot themselves or someone else because of an unsecured weapon at home. 

"It is all of our responsibility to make sure curious children can't access our weapons at home," said Riddle, "If that firearm is hidden and not secured, we could be talking about a very tragic situation inside that home."

Many gun owners across Central Indiana have learned about some gun stores limiting the amount of ammunition per customer due to shortages over the past few months. Vaden's will offer some pre-orders on certain ammunition if it is available from manufacturers, but even if he sells out of inventory, he has already made plans to order more.  

"Right now I am expecting anywhere from people Saturday and Sunday," said Vaden.

Vaden is also encouraging people to go to the Vaden Firearms and Ammunition Facebook page to learn more about the store and gun safety.

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