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Multi-million dollar equipment investment creates new jobs at Orestes plant

Red Gold will seek new production employees after adding a new labeling line.
Credit: Red Gold
Red Gold employees in front of the company's new high-speed can labeling equipment at the Orestes, Indiana facility.

ELWOOD, Ind. — Red Gold, a tomato products company based in Madison County, announced Wednesday a 'new wave' of jobs resulting from an investment in high-speed labeling equipment.

The line began operating this month at the company's primary canning facility in Orestes. 

The new equipment produces more than 100 cases of product per minute, a rate more than double that of the previous line.  

"We always wanted a high-speed can labeling line of this magnitude," said COO Beau Reichart. "Red Gold is America's largest producer of fresh canned tomatoes with over 3,200 different labels to manage over a wide variety of packaging sizes. On top of that, consumer demand in grocery stores has just been incredible.”

The company said despite the increased automation, there is still a need for "experienced and trained operators for each major part of the line" and has career opportunities for high school graduates in a variety of manufacturing areas. 

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