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LinkedIn publishes ten most overused buzzwords to avoid in your profile

The social network has been tracking buzzwords for six years.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - If Leonardo Da Vinci was looking for a job in today's market, LinkedIn suggests his online profile might include, "detail oriented self-starter with experience in drawing."

The Mona Lisa suggests Leonardo's "experience in drawing" is underselling his most recognizable skill in favor of popular terms that show up in many other LinkedIn profiles.

To help prospects stand out, the online network has published its annual look at the most overused words in profiles around the world.

These are the top 10 words you should avoid this year:

  1. Specialized

  2. Leadership

  3. Passionate

  4. Strategic

  5. Experienced

  6. Focused

  7. Expert

  8. Certified

  9. Creative

  10. Excellent

The 2017 list is LinkedIn's sixth annual. “Specialized,” has replaced “Leadership” as the most used term from 2016. “Passionate” moved up to become the third most overused buzzword worldwide. At number five, “Experienced” became a new entry to this year's top 10.

The end result?

Profiles heavy with vague buzzwords tend to blend together rather than stand out.

LinkedIn's advice? "While it may be convenient or seem smart to use buzzwords when talking about ourselves, your professional achievements are better than generic buzzwords."