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Limited stores defined fashion for generations

The Limited will be closing all stores this weekend, including its Castleton location.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WBNS) -Limited Stores, the parent company of the retailer The Limited, says it will be closing all of its brick-and-mortar stores this weekend.

The news has fashion fans reminiscing about the clothes they bought there – especially in The Limited’s heyday.

Amy Fredrick grew up in Upper Arlington. As she paged through her yearbook, she pointed out all the girls who wore the big retailer of the day: The Limited.

“I still have a pair of shorts from 1987 that I love that I keep in my closet that I someday pray I will be able to fit into. They had such cool clothes,” Fredrick said.

If she’s just a little nostalgic, it’s because all brick-and-mortar Limited stores are closing this weekend. But for a long time, The Limited was the center of the style universe for girls across the country.

In Upper Arlington, it was extra special because that’s where it was born. Les Wexner put his first store in the Kingsdale Shopping Center in 1963.

He spoke with 10TV about it during a 2013 Chamber of Commerce interview.

“I had the idea to open a neighborhood clothing store that sold preppy clothes,” Wexner said. “And I thought I had reasonable taste.”

Gretchen Green agreed. She was a regular at The Limited. She has a picture of herself in a mini-coat she says Wexner himself sold her.

“I wore that over my mini dresses when I was a student at Ohio State. It wasn't warm, but it was stylish,” she said.

Her kind of customer loyalty fueled what would become a fashion hub.

“There are a lot of people, who grew up with the brand, and it brought a lot of other industry to Columbus and it's given a lot of our students jobs,” Tricia Carlos, assistant professor at the Columbus College of Art and Design, said.

Certainly important local economy stuff, but for Fredrick, it was just about the clothes – like those shorts.