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Hurst expands production, adds shift amid growing demand for dry bean products

Hills and hills of beans.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - N.K. Hurst is suddenly busier than ever but also working to help others stay on the job.

The Indianapolis company is now operating six days a week, 20 hours a day, cleaning and packaging nearly a million pounds of dry beans a week.

Hills and hills of beans.

Rick Hurst told 13News that beans are a staple that last a long time. Shoppers are stocking up and stores across the country are selling out.

"Virtually overnight, it was just wiped out clean, so we restocked with what we had, and that was sold," Hurst said.

He said sales of dry bean sales usually drop significantly as winter ends.

"Our staff was at normal for March, and suddenly we need people familiar with food and how to handle it to come into a production situation," he said.

He turned to Jack Bayh and Crystal Catering, where business has ground to a halt, and hired a second shift.

"We have a whole new staff, and it's great because they work together as a team and know each other," Hurst said.

Hurst is also using local restaurants like Sub 16 and Amore Pizza to provide meals for his employees.

"Having as many people as we do, they couldn't go out and find lunch and dinner options," Hurst said.