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Big Hoffa's Smokehouse listed among nation's best barbecue joints

Big Hoffa’s Smokehouse on State Road 32 in Westfield is getting national recognition for its barbecue.

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WTHR) — Indiana is ranked as one of the top states in the nation for barbeque.

And it’s all because of a small central Indiana business called Big Hoffa’s Smokehouse on State Road 32.

The Westfield joint is the savory dream of Adam Hoffman, who first launched his business with a food truck.

Now, Big Hoffa’s Smokehouse can seat about 100 people and is currently in the process of knocking down walls as part of an expansion.

Hoffman says it wasn’t an easy journey. He launched his food truck at a time when many didn’t understand what one was. Dedicating all his efforts to building his dream meant that some of those in his life didn’t understand that the majority of his time was devoted to work.

Hoffman says one of the keys to success for a small business owner is to do what you love, so that going to work doesn’t feel like work.

Recently, Go Shindig, a BBQ-focused website, ranked Big Hoffa’s BBQ as the eleventh best BBQ restaurant in the nation.

If you’re lucky enough to try the sweet brisket, it’s clear to understand what earned Big Hoffa's the recognition.

Smoked for over 25 hours at a low temperature, a clear red ring can be see around each slice and Hoffman says that’s ideal.

All the sauces are made in house. And the flavors fill your mouth with each bite.