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Better Business Bureau warns consumers of several holiday scams

The BBB says there are 11 common holiday scams.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — As we quickly approach Christmas, the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of common holiday scams.

Here are a few of the scams to avoid.

  • Online shopping - Online credit card scams are becoming more popular as online shopping has increased in popularity. The BBB suggests always using a credit card, not a debit, online and only shop at secure websites. " Look for https in the address (the extra “s” is for “secure”) and for a lock symbol."
  • Fake shipping notifications - These emails often has attachments or links to sites that will download malware onto your computer. That malware then steals your identity and passwords.
  • E-cards - When receiving an E-card make sure to check for a sender's name. Also, if the email says you must share additional information in order to see the card, it's a scam.
  • Letters from Santa - Scammers often pretend to be trusted companies who send personalized letters from Santa to get personal information. Check with the BBB to find out which ones are legitimate.
  • Emergency scam: Be cautious if you get a call from a family member or friend claiming to be in an accident, arrested, or hospitalized while traveling in another country. Never send money unless you confirm with another family member that it’s true.

  • Social media gift exchange: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Social media gift exchange like the Secret Sister exchange says if you buy one gift you'll receive dozens in return. However, it's not only a bad idea to participate in these scams, according to the BBB, it’s illegal.

To see the full list, click here.