Mom warns parents about "Bunchems" after daughter gets dozens tangled in hair


ARKANSAS (WTHR) — A mother is warning other parents about a popular toy that caused a hair nightmare for her daughter.

'Bunchems' are toy balls that have hooks, which kids can "squish, connect and create" with.

Jasmine Nikunen's told TVH11 that her daughter got more than 50 of these stuck in her 5-year-old's hair.

“I thought we were never going to get them out," Nikunen said. "It took six hands, 12 and a half hours, to get them out."

Shortly after the toy was launched in August 2015, product developers had received several complaints about them getting caught in hair. So developers put together an instructional video on how to get them out.

Nkunen told TVH11 that she had to use about 12 containers of coconut, vegetable and hair oil to get it all out her daughter's long blonde hair.

"She lost a lot of it, like her scalp has thinned out now. We’re just grateful we were able to salvage it," Nikunen said. “Definitely watch your kids if you do have them, keep them away from the hair."