Mom warns about dangers of McDonald's Happy Meal toy

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A new McDonald's promotion meant to encourage kids to exercise might actually be hurting them.

The fast food giant has rolled out a new pedometer Happy Meal toy, called a Step-It. It's wearable on a wrist and is meant to encourage both adults and kids to be more active, Mashable reports.

But, one mother is warning parents to throw out the pedometer after it burned her son's wrist.

"Cason has a burn after playing with the toy for about 8 minutes," Casey Collyar wrote on Facebook. "The toy has a red light in it that is powered by the battery on the back that possibly is the cause of the burn."

She posted the warning Saturday on Facebook and it's already been shared nearly 90,000 times.

More parents have spoken out, also saying the toy has burned their children.

Collyar said on Facebook that she has contacted McDonald's, who says they've "already called the vendor who supplies the watches."

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