Mom seeking answers after Ohio day care death

NBC News photo

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WTHR) - A mother wants answers after her baby was found dead at an Ohio day care.

Taylor Bush says when she got to the business on Tuesday afternoon to pick up her 3-month-old daughter, she wasn't breaking.

She immediately attempted CPR while calling 911. Unfortunately she died at the hospital.

Hospital staff told her that her daughter "had stopped breathing for a long time."

"So, when we got to the hospital, they told me about how cold my daughter was, that she had stopped breathing a long time ago," said Taylor Bush. "So that means, after you noticed that she was breathing funny, you put her in the crib, you walked away, and you did not check up on her until I arrived."

The owner of Nana's Home Daycare hasn't commented, but records show a long list of violations at the facility.

The coroner says the little girl died from natural causes.

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