Mom says judge threatened to take her baby because she breastfed in court


SMITHFIELD, NC (WTHR) — A North Carolina woman said she was kicked out of court while breastfeeding her baby in a sling.

Danielle Bell was in court for some traffic tickets, WRAL reported. She was breastfeeding her 3-month-old in the back of the courtroom when she was told by a deputy to leave.

The deputy stated that children under 12 were not allowed in court.

Bell left the room and gave the baby to her husband.

When she returned she told the judge that the baby won't take a bottle, so breastfeeding is the only option.

"He then replied to me that was not his problem and that, if I had any other excuse, he was going to take her that day and have me put in contempt," she said.

Bell said the judge told her not to bring the baby again, and if she did he would put the baby in custody of Child Protective Services.

According to WRAL, the the no-children-under-12 rule is meant to keep kids from hearing inappropriate conversations and the judge has discretion to enforce the rule.