Mom leaves baby in Safe Haven box 30 days after it opened

(WTHR photo Rich VanWyk)

HAMMOND, Ind. (WTHR) — Less than a month after opening, a mother has left a healthy newborn baby in a Safe Haven Baby Box in Hammond, Indiana Friday.

It's the third baby surrendered to a box in less than two years in the state.

The emergency department at Franciscan Hospital was notified as soon as the mother opened the door to drop the baby off. Within 90 seconds, the baby was getting medical attention.

The baby has been released from the hospital and in Indiana Department of Child Services' custody.

Monica Kelsey, Safe Haven Baby Box founder thanked the mother for safely exercising her legal right.

"This brave young mom is exactly why I fight so hard to give moms more options," she said. "She contacted us within a few days of the surrender and we are providing her resources available in her area to give her the support she needs."

Kelsey said the woman is not from the Hammond area.

DCS is working to find the child an adoptive family. If you are interested, contact the local Social Services offices and register as a foster/adoption family.

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