Mom hopes to help other young women after her daughter's death

The bodies of Heaven Henderson and Jeremy Danowski were found near Lapel Thursday. (Photo provided)

LAPEL, Ind. (WTHR) - She had just asked her mother for help getting out of an abusive relationship and had taken another job in another city to start again.

But it was not to be. It's been over a month since two people disappeared in Lapel. A little over a week since their bodies were found in a field and only four days since Rene Ruiz buried her 22-year-old daughter who was found in the field.

"She was a very caring soul. Just would have helped anyone who needed help and her big heart at the end may have been part of her downfall," Rene Ruiz said.

She is talking about her daughter Heavan Henderson, the victim of a murder suicide at the hands of his 21-year-old boyfriend Jeremy Danowski. She had just told her mom days before the murder of her intention to leave when the December lease of their apartment ran out.

"She said mom I don't ever want to feel like a burden and I said you are only 22 and you are not a burden. You are our daughter and we will help you any way we can," Ruiz shared, now realizing it was the last time she would see her daughter alive.

Heavan had already accepted a job in Anderson.
"The murder was on December 17th, so he knew his time was almost over with Heavan," she continued.

Early reports saying the two were found in an embrace were later changed to the gunman fell partially on top of her after taking his own life.
"The embrace part is really what outraged me," she said in a determined voice.

"I didn't want any young couple to romanticize that and maybe if we did this we can get attention or if we did this we might get into the limelight. It's very upsetting to me," she feared.

We sat in the home of extended family in Lebanon with her daughters funeral flowers still on display.

"I can't even be in Madison County anymore. I can't look at the fields. I can't look at the school so I decided to move," Rene Ruiz said.

And what's next for her?

"I am going to try my best to try and find a place where I can help young women try and to (talk) with them about being in abusive situations and getting out before it's too late. That is my main focus right now is to reach anyone with woman in this situation. I want them to know that this could happen to them as well," she stated.

For now Rene is just hoping to be able to get Heavan's belongings from her apartment. Hard to believe it's taking this long. One step at a time.