Missing service dog reunited with owners


The happy reunion between a family and service dog was all caught on camera. The NBC affiliate in Lexington, Kentucky was interviewing Jason and Carolyn Cooper about their lost service dog, Radar.

Minutes later, as the cameras were rolling, the Coopers prayers were answered.

It started as a lonely December day for Jason and Carolyn Cooper.

"He's a different dog. He's a special dog," said Carolyn. 

Begging for the family service dog, Radar, to come home

Jason explained, "He's completely part of our lives and we just need him. We need him back."

Minutes later, their prayers were answered, "Radar! is that him? I don't know."

As cameras were rolling, Jason saw him, "Right there," more than half a mile away.

We began running, climbing fences, even jumping a creek and finally, "Hey buddy. Oh my god. Where have you been?"

The two were reunited after almost four days apart, "I got him."

"Oh my god. I never expected to see him," said Jason.

In tears, the Coopers were whole again as a family.

Jason said, "I had hope, but I was afraid. This is the most amazing thing. I just can't believe it."

"I guess somebody had the right place in their heart and put him back over there," said Carolyn. 

But this dog isn't just a service dog or a family pet. Radar was a lifeline for Madeline and her sister Sophia - both suffering from a terminal genetic disorder.

"Watching over our daughters. Watching over Madeline before she passed away," explained Jason. 

Then they moved to Kentucky to start a new life after their two daughters passed away. Radar was the only physical memory left.

Carolyn said, "He's one of the only souls who has the same memories and experiences we do."

Just in time for Radar's yearly Christmas tree ornament and his own presents under the tree.

He says "This evening, I'm home for Christmas. For good."

The Coopers say they are "thankful" for the person who helped bring Radar home.

Radar was healthy and not injured.