Minnesota dad transfers son over school's tablet policy

This undated file photo shows a teen using a tablet. (file photo courtesy KVLY)
Melanie Palmer

BARNESVILLE, Minn. (KVLY) - A father is transferring his son to a different school over a policy that requires students to complete their homework on tablets.

Dane Steuber says his 7th grade son is addicted to electronics, and would like him to do his homework on paper.

"I got to be a watchful parent, especially with the internet," Steuber told KVLY, our NBC station in Fargo, N.D.

The Barnesville Public School District is a paperless one. So, starting Monday, his son will be attending a different school, just a few miles south of Barnesville.

"When it's hard for him to watch a TV show because he's more interested in watching a YouTube video, but still has to have both of them on or doesn't want to wake-up on time because he stayed up way too late watching the tablet, or hiding it," Steuber said.

KVLY reached out to Barnesville Public Schools asking about the district's policies. At last check, the superintendent hadn't responded.

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