Mini Marathon participants struggle with heat


It might be called the Mini Marathon, but for anyone participating, it's anything but Mini.

High-fives and smiles were shared at the halfway point of the course at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The skies stayed clear for the 2012 race after fears of possible storms Saturday morning. The only concern turned out to be the heat.

The wheelchair athletes said the warm temperatures were not a problem, but the runners struggled with it.

George Towett was the men's Mini Marathon winner with a time of 1:04:59. He's run the race before, but wasn't that happy with his time.

"The race was wonderful but the weather is hot today. I was slow because of the humidity," said Towett.

Still, he made it look effortless.

The temperature was 65 degrees by the time Towett crossed the finish line. It's expected to be 72 by 10:00 am.

WTHR videographer John Duong ran his first Mini on Saturday. He told reporter Kris Kirschner that his intensive training paid off, although once the sun came out by this time his group hit 10th Street it was more of a challenge.

WTHR received some reports of runners who were overcome by the temperatures and needed medical attention.

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