Michigan man finds 50 pounds of pine cones left by squirrel under car's hood

A squirrel packed 50 pounds of pine cones under a Michigan man's car hood. (Photo: Gabe Awrey/Facebook)

GAYLORD, Mich. (WTHR) - A Michigan man found over 50 pounds of pine cones stashed by a squirrel under the hood of his car.

Kellen Moore of Gaylord in northern Michigan said the air conditioning in his car was making a weird sound. When he took a look under the hood, he discovered the pile of pine cones, which had expanded because of the heat from the engine.

He bought the car about a month ago, with no sign of pine cones under the hood. He said he is holding a squirrel responsible for the prank.

Moore's friend, Gabe Awrey shared a photo of the pine cones on Facebook last Friday.

The car ran just fine after Moore got all of those pine cones out.

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