Mexican airline addresses border security in 'DNA discount' ad

This photo taken Monday, Aug. 20, 2012, shows an Aeromexico Airlines aircraft taking off at Miami International Airport in Miami. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

(WTHR) — The more Mexican you are, the bigger discount you get.

That's the premise of the advertisement recently released by Mexico's largest domestic airline, Aeromexico.

Since making its way onto Twitter, the ad has gained popularity with plenty of conversation around it.

The commercial starts by questioning why America is a popular travel destination for Mexicans, but not the other way around. So the airline takes a trip to a "typical American town" to figure out why.

In interviews with Americans, they share their reasoning for not traveling to Mexico, including, "The idea of going to Mexico is not something I would foresee," "That's not my cup of tea," and "Let me stay here in peace, and let those folks stay on their side of the border."

All that changes after the airline shares they'll give discounts based upon Mexican heritage — whatever percent Mexican a DNA test reveals is the percent discount travelers will get to fly to Mexico.

After one man being told he's 22 percent Mexican, and will therefore receive a 22 percent discount, he asked about the rate for his wife. Another woman excitedly gestured "yes" when told she'd receive a 15 percent discount for her DNA results.

People on social media have no shortage of opinions about the ad. The ad company tweeted the commercial, and it's gotten more than 1,700 retweets and 4,500 likes.

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