Meteor shower known for fireballs peaks Monday night


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — On the same day that Mercury will cross the sun, the Taurids meteor shower will peak.

On the night of Nov. 11 into the morning of Nov. 12, the Northern Taurid meteor shower will put on a show.

Similar to its counterpart the Southern Taurids, which peaked in October, the Northern Taurids doesn't produce a lot of meteors, only about five per hour. But the ones it does are expected to be spectacular.

"The Taurids are not known for their high numbers, rather they are known more for the fireballs they produce," the American Meteor Society (AMS) states on its website. "We invite you to try and witness some of this activity before the nights become bitterly cold."

This particular meteor shower is named after the constellation Taurus located in the same part of the sky as the meteor shower's radiant point. However, the shooting stars will be visible from all parts of the sky.

The best time to view the Northern Taurids will be after midnight. The shooting stars will be accompanied by a full moon.

And if you happen to miss the meteor shower show on Monday night, the Leonids meteor shower will peak on Nov. 16.