Melania Trump speech stir draws discussion on plagiarism on college campuses

Melania Trump speech stir draws discussion on plagiarism on college campuses

At campuses across the country, the school year starts next month. At IUPUI, members of the orientation team are giving guidance to new students, including avoiding the temptation to take someone elses work and present it as your own.

"I think at the end of the day, it comes down to you as a person, so if that is your character to cheat, then I don't think you'll make it very far in life and in your career goals," says Jasmin McGee, an IUPUI junior.

These days, it's hard to get away with copying.

"I just do not tolerate that," said Butler University associate professor Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh. She showed us the online tool, "Turn It In," used to check every single paper she grades. But even with that tool, copying another person's work, she says, is rampant.

"I would say it's a pretty big problem. I've come to expect in every stack of papers I grade that there will be at least one or two students who plagiarize," said Dr. Geertsema-Sligh.

And those students pay the price.

"The penalty can vary. It can be failing the paper, it can be failing the class, or it can be being expelled from the university, depending if you've done it repeatedly," explained Dr. Geertsema-Sligh.

If Melania Trump were her student, last night's speech at the Republican National Convention would have been a problem - especially this line..

"…that your words are your bond and you do what you say," said Melania Trump during her speech.

Michelle Obama said those very same words during a speech eight years ago.

"It would be very unusual for these words to somehow be in the same order as what Michelle Obama had. I would give it an 'F.' I would consider it plagiarism, I would give it an 'F.' I think it's really embarrassing," said Dr. Geertsema-Sligh.

On a national platform or in the classroom.

"You need to put in your own work, because it's just not accepted here at a college level and it shouldn't be accepted anywhere else," said another IUPUI junior.

The students agree, originality is the key.