"Meet a Muslim" answers questions on Monument Circle

Amanda Shipley welcomed questions about her faith on Monument Circle Saturday. (WTHR Image by Josh Blankenship)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A couple of Muslim-Americans spent part of their Saturday on Monument Circle, holding signs and talking with anyone who came up to them.

It was part of the national "Meet a Muslim" campaign.

They say people have a lot of questions about their faith and they wanted to make it easy for them to get the answers. "The major things that I think Americans want to know more about,” said Naseer Syed. “’Why do you cover your head?’ for example. How do men treat their wives in Islam.”

"We're here to just show everybody that we're just average Americans just like everyone else," said Amanda Shipley, "We have nothing to hide and nothing to fear.”

This "Meet a Muslim" scene was duplicated at 120 locations in 50 cities across the country.

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