Medical waste washing ashore in Florida

Medical waste found washed ashore in Palm Beach, Florida (WPTV image)

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (WTHR) - Medical waste has been spotted washing up on the beach in the popular tourist town of Palm Beach, Florida.

Cleanup crews are finding syringes, IV bags and pills.

They say they've been finding more than usual during the last six months.

A group called "Friends of Palm Beach" go out Monday through Friday looking for the medical waste.

They usually find it caught in seaweed.

"Ya know it all comes in with the current,” said Robyn Kennedy, one of the ‘friends.’ “None of it's local. It's off cruise ships. It's from other islands. It's really a shame."

The mayor of Palm Beach says she's asking state and federal regulators for help.

But until help arrives, the group says they'll continue their cleanup efforts.

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