Medco picks Boone County for 'flagship' automated pharmacy

Gov. Mitch Daniels shakes hands with some pharmacists following last month's announcement.

Jeremy Brilliant/Eyewitness News

Whitestown - Medco announced plans for an automated pharmacy in Boone County Tuesday, providing a major economic boost for central Indiana.

The mail order pharmaceutical company will employ 1,300 people at a new 300,000 square foot, $140 million facility at AllPoints at Anson, part of an industrial, retail, office and residential development along Interstate 65 in Boone County.

"We believe Medco is the world's most advanced pharmacy, and we're delighted to bring our latest technology here to Anson of Whitestown in Boone County," said Medco's Richard Jones.

The New Jersey-based company chose Boone County over Hendricks and Johnson Counties, and Indiana over 47 other states. Geographic location, $30 million in incentives and an available workforce were all factors in the decision.

"It will certainly help widen the range of opportunities that we have available for our young people," said Lt. Governor Becky Skillman.

Medco plans to start construction next year, with the pharmacy opening in early 2009. Most of the hiring will occur in 2010 and 2011 and employment is expected to reach about 1,300 by 2012.

The Whitestown site will become the flagship of Medco's three automated, mail-order pharmacies, which also include others in Las Vegas and Willingboro, N.J., the company has said. An automated process will fill about 90 percent of prescriptions.

Of the 1,300 new jobs, about ten percent will be pharmacists. Butler student Susan Surber hopes to be one of them.

"It's like a dream for me, because it's just a new opportunity that I didn't think was possible when I came into pharmacy school," she said.

The opportunities will extend throughout the region. At TJ's Market in Whitestown, where residents often stop for their morning coffee, they're just hoping their slice of the pie will be getting that much bigger.

"I would think it would really put us through the roof, I mean, that many employees in one place," said Tonya Gwaltney of TJ's Market. "I'm ready. I like being busy!"


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