Meals on Wheels delivers daily meals to people who need a little help

(WTHR photo Rich Nye)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana delivers daily meals to people who need a little help preparing food and may not be able to leave their homes. But the organization has brought more than lunch to their clients since 1971.

89-year-old Barbara has received Meals on Wheels at her home in Glendale for over 15 years.

"Wonderful food and it's very nourishing,” said Barbara during a delivery this week. “That is very important to have. To have them come in and visit with me for two or three minutes can brighten up a very dull day sometimes."

Jackie Foy from Fishers volunteers delivering Meals on Wheels once a month. Foy has about 14 stops on her route.

"Some people use it to recover from a hospital stay, where somebody else might use it to live independently a little bit longer,” said Foy. “Somebody else might use it to get that medically-tailored diet."

The meals are prepared at seven hospitals and three healthcare centers. Monday through Friday lunchtime deliveries include one hot and one cold meal. Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana served 3,756 unique clients last year.

"Many of our clients, that is the only social interaction they may have for days or weeks on end,” said Barb Renshaw, Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana Volunteer Development Director. “They live by the meal delivery coming that day. That's the highlight of their day because they get to see somebody from the outside world. They get to see a caring face.”

The service costs $6.50 a day, but 48% of the clients receive financial assistance. Meals on Wheels is always seeking volunteers for its 41 delivery routes. Volunteers are screened and trained and can serve as little once a month.

"I love the clients,” said Foy. “So, I've gotten a lot of new friends. It's given me a way to volunteer that is adaptable to my schedule. I'm a busy mom. I've got four kids. It's given me a way to give back that works for my family."

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