McAfee, NFL reach truce over Pro Bowl tweet thanks to epic highlight reel


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Pat McAfee was not happy with the NFL Wednesday night over a tweet about the Pro Bowl.

One day and an epic '80s-inspired highlight reel later, it's all good.

The spat started when the NFL tweeted about Pro Bowl snubs Wednesday evening, including Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King. McAfee took exception at what he saw as a shot at his spot on the AFC roster and went off.

The Colts punter did point out that he meant no offense to King in his tweetstorm.

A night later, the NFL finally responded in the most awesome way possible.

McAfee then responded with a pretty amazing GIF to show everything's cool.

McAfee with join Colts teammate T.Y. Hilton at the Pro Bowl in Orlando January 29.