Mayor, police chief plan body camera announcement

(WTHR file photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The mayor and police chief of Indianapolis are planning a joint press conference Monday afternoon to address body cameras. They're planning to launch a program to see if they could implement the cameras for IMPD officers.

This isn't the first time this possibility has come to the table. Metro police started testing body cams back in 2014, but then ran out of money for the program. At that point, IMPD Chief Bryan Roach said hiring new officers took precedence over trying to add new equipment.

Then last month, Indianapolis FOP president Rick Snyder called on the department to take action. He's encouraging city leaders to start the conversation again to see what it would take to get body cameras for Indianapolis officers.

Roach already appointed someone to be the department's first body camera program manager, so that person will oversee the study, but the department wants a lot more people to be involved. Roach wants feedback from neighbors, as well as the officers who would be using them.

Similar programs are already in place across the county. They're not cheap, but there is a lot of value. The video and audio can be used to prosecute offenders and some studies have shown officers with body cams got fewer complaints than those without them.

The press conference is set to start at 2 p.m. Monday.