May opening set for Indianapolis Zoo's 'Size, Speed and Venom' exhibit

(Photo: The Indianapolis Zoo)

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indianapolis Zoo will open its new Size, Speed and Venom exhibit in May.

On Thursday, we learned the names of three of its most extreme residents, chosen by fans.

Artemis is a reticulated python named after the mythological Greek goddess of the hunt.

Mahiri, a green mamba, has a name that comes from a Swahili word meaning "vibrant."

And last but not least, Haraka is a black mamba who's name means "fast" in Swahili.

Fans from across the world helped name the snakes. The Zoo says they got more than 3,600 suggestions from 27 states and 5 countries.

The Extreme Snake exhibit opens at the Zoo on May 25 inside the Deserts Dome.

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