May the 4th lands at Children's Museum

WTHR/Anna Carrera

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Families celebrated May the Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day, at the Children's Museum.

They got to meet some of their favorite characters and bond over their love for the movie series.

"Star Wars has been around since I was a kid," said Tony Kibling, who is from Fishers and dressed up in matching stormtrooper outfits with Audrey. "For her, she just likes stormtroopers. She's never seen any of the movies but she likes Star Wars."

Kids could also make headbands with Yoda ears and take pictures with the character. There are various other activities at different levels of the building.

"My name is James and I love Star Wars," said James Lane, who is 5 years old and got to take a picture with the whole crew. "I play a video game that's Star Wars."

Families tell us they a lot of fun hanging out at the museum on a soggy Saturday.