Mass Ave's Macaron Bar teaching dessert lovers how to make the colorful creations

Macarons at the Macaron Bar on Mass Ave in downtown Indianapolis (WTHR/Scott Graber)
Making macarons
Making your own macarons
Classes at Macaron Bar

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Macarons have been rising in popularity for years now. The European dessert has made its way to the States and Americans are loving it.

A local hot spot is helping Hoosiers master the making of these colorful creations. Mass Ave's Macaron Bar, which opened last year, prides itself as being Indy's only bakery solely dedicated to macarons.

The bakery not only offers the delicious dessert for purchase, but also offers classes to learn how to make macarons yourself.

There are a number of classes for all ages:

  • Intro to Macarons - In a three-hour class, you'll learn the best tips and tricks to making macarons. You'll also get to take home everything you make.
  • Advanced decorating - Learn how to become an expert decorator using melted chocolate, sprinkles and edible inks.
  • Macarons for Kids - This is the perfect class for a budding baker. It's designed for children ages 8 to 12. Kids will be introduced to macaron making in a hands-on and engaging way.
  • Pairing Nights - Macarons pair with all kinds of food and drinks, and this class will teach you some of the best including champagne, coffee and cheese.
  • Intro to Vegan Macarons - Everyone deserves to enjoy tasty macarons, including vegan dessert lovers. This three-hour class will teach you all about special vegan filling to add to your macarons.

Classes range from $40 to $95. To enroll in classes, click here.

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