Marsh dropping State Fair sponsorship, along with others


Mary Milz/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis, Feb. 10 - Marsh will no longer sponsor Little Hands on the Farm and its name soon leaves the Blue Ribbon Pavilion, Ag Building, State Fair Gardens and the Grandstand at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

It's a sponsorship worth $175,000 a year.

Andy Klotz with the State Fair says, "It means we have to find more sponsors and make up for the deficit it presents us with."

Marsh has also cut donations to the Salvation Army and Lighthouse Mission.

Marsh will sponsor Symphony on the Prairie and help with the Mini-Marathon, but a spokesperson says

everything is under review, including the Boy Scouts Cookout on the Circle.

Patrick Rooney is with the Center on Philanthropy. "They should think immediately about diversifying their fund raising base," especially with the chance of a sale. "Where there's a merger or acquisition of a local company by a non-local company the tendency is for corporate giving to drop."

The mayor calls Marsh a great corporate citizen, but adds, "There's no shortage of people who are generous in this community and I would expect that to continue. If there's a drop off, we'll see it pick up elsewhere."