Marion County sheriff to melt guns


INDIANAPOLIS - More than 4,100 guns have been taken off the streets of Marion County, mostly during criminal arrests.

Monday, Sheriff John Layton announced his offices will destroy most of them at an Indiana foundry to make sure they stay out of criminal hands.

A few of the guns suitable for use by other police agencies won't be destroyed. In fact, the sheriff's office has already handed over $4,000 in firearms to the Homecroft Police Department.

"This is consistent with our effort to keep guns out of the hands of criminals," said Layton.  "In the past, these firearms might have been returned to the street through an auction process, but I believe that the right thing to do is destroy them and completely eliminate the possibility that they might fall back into hands of criminals.  The number of these weapons alone reflect the great job our Law Enforcement Officers do in Marion County."