Marine surprises family after 3 years away

Cpl. Trey Stinnett surprised his family after three years away (photo courtesy KFDX)
Tobin McDuff

MUNDAY, Texas (KFDX) - A Marine who hasn't been home in three years shocked his family when he made a surprise visit just in time for Thanksgiving.

The heartwarming moment was captured during a pep rally at Munday High School on Friday.

Cpl. Trey Stinnett's mother and brother, who is a current student, were told they were competing in a game with other players and parents who were also at the pep rally.

When the blindfolds came off, the excitement ensued.

At first, mom didn't realize her son was home. She reacted to a camera on her son who had seen Trey. She then collapsed to the ground in tears when she saw Trey for herself.

"Well this is-- this wasn't supposed to happen. I was told at the last second, 'Yeah, you can go home now' and I was like, my mom already knows I'm not coming so I might as well surprise her. So I got this whole surprise together and I've being trying so hard to keep it from my little brother, so hard. That was probably the hardest part," Cpt. Stinnett said. "Finally getting to see him, that just made my day. It's been perfect."