Marine reunites with the FBI agent who saved his life, 2 decades later

U.S. Marine Cpl. Stewart Rembert embraces FBI Special Agent Troy Sowers during the agent's retirement ceremony at the FBI Field Office in Knoxville, Tennessee, Aug. 9, 2019. (Photo: 1st Lt. Robert Vachon/2nd Marine Logistics Group via NBC News)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WTHR) — A current Marine was just a newborn when he was kidnapped from the hospital back in 1997.

Stewart Rembert was abducted from the hospital by a woman impersonating a nurse. The police and FBI were called and massive search began.

Luckily, Rembert was found 19 hours later in a box next to a restaurant dumpster in Tacoma, Washington, by a rookie FBI agent in his first few months on the job, according to NBC News.

Friday morning, the FBI bid farewell to that agent, Troy Sowers, who is retiring after 22 years of service. But his colleagues had a surprise for him — they had tracked down Rembert, now a corporal in the Marine Corps, and invited him to the celebration in Tennessee.

"It's crazy to think that without his efforts, I wouldn't even be here today," Rembert told NBC News just before the two met. "I wouldn't be a Marine. My family wouldn't be the same... I'm just super excited and honored to meet this man today."

At the surprise meeting, Rembert entered the room to applause from the gathered FBI agents and staff. He shook hands with the man who had lifted him out of a box 22 years earlier and they thanked each other for their service.