Marine Corps veteran stops Texas shoplifter

U.S. Marines veteran Nathan Hanson stopped a shoplifter at a Plano, Texas Walmart over the weekend.

PLANO, Texas (WTHR) - Marines collecting toys for children outside a north Texas Walmart did not hesitate to stop a shoplifter last weekend.

Even in his dress blues and slippery patent leather shoes, Nathan Hanson managed to chase down the suspect.

"I fell on my face when I got over there. And then I got up and I yelled at him, 'You're not getting away, I'm going to catch you!'" Hanson recalled.

In a photo snapped at the scene, Hanson had lost his hat, but got his man.

The U.S. Marine Corps veteran was collecting donations outside a Walmart store when he saw fellow volunteers chasing after someone. The suspect avoided another Marine, but Hanson ran across traffic to cut the man off as nearby police made a U-turn, cornering the suspected thief.

"And at that point he slowed down and stopped. And said, 'I give up. I'm sorry' and he got down and I just waited there until the Plano Police Department came over," Hanson said.

Fellow Marine veteran Alisia Dunning was there, too.

"Because it's our duty as Marines to take care of those that are in need. Even though Walmart is not necessarily a person, but nobody deserves to be stolen from," she said.

The only casualty was a torn uniform, which was ripped in the chase that ended with surrender.

The 25-year-old suspect is accused of stealing $91 worth of electronics from inside the store.

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